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Contrary to what its title might suggest, the emphasis placed in fashion photography isn’t on the garments themselves but on how the image is styled and the mood that is portrayed. 

Top London fashion photographers won’t usually shoot against a plain background. Settings can be far more dramatic and complex. Instead of styling models using a natural look, makeup artists will apply heavy winged eyeliner, dramatic eyeshadows, and daring lip colours. 

The best imagery is not just beautiful, it tells a story or it creates an emotional reaction. It informs, influences or leaves a lasting impression. That is what London fashion photographer Alex James achieves on behalf of his clients.

Best Fashion Photographer In London

Whether it’s a model or a modest celebrity, Alex has the ability to put his subjects at ease, animating them to help capture images that enthral and intrigue the viewer.

This top fashion photographer exquisitely captures a moment in time, and the quality of the clothing featured or the personality of his celebrity clientele. In many instances, Alex achieves this by providing a full production service, extending from sourcing the perfect location and set building, to delivering reliably breath-taking imagery.

Who Is The Best London Fashion Photographer?

Alex’s credentials are here on this website, in the wonderful body of work he has already created for diverse commercial and private clients. For over 15 years, he has built an enviable reputation for not only achieving excellent results but also for the smooth way he orchestrates London fashion and celebrity photography.


What you’ll eventually consider your style of photography will depend on what your client is seeking. If they’re looking to sell a lifestyle as opposed to a product, you’ll likely have to offer them fashion photography. If your client is in need of a catalogue, you’ll have to deliver a commercial photoshoot. If your client has a story to tell, you’ll be offering an editorial shoot. 

Best Photographers In London - Alex James

At Alex James London, we consider ourselves an expert at all three photography styles. One of the top London fashion photographers, we’ve expanded our roster of talents to provide our clients with the very best. Keen on collaborating? Don’t hesitate to call us on 0845 201 2359 or 07801 825 744

Contact Alex: info@alexjames.co.uk

Office: 0845 201 2359

Mobile: 07801 825 744
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